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Send us an e-mail if you are wanting to place a deposit on an upcoming litter or purchase a puppy/dog. You can also see if any new litters are on the way., or if any antler dogs are available.

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Puppy | 8 Weeks of Age

We have pups available from a Gunner/Sitka breeding. These pups will flat out hunt. HIgh drive, eager to please and great all around dogs. Pups were born 10.27.14 and will be ready to go home around Christmas. Males $750 - Females $850. All pups come with a 2 year health guarantee.

This is for a "full registration" AKC labrador from proven "shed hunting" lines. These puppies are available to go home at 7-8 weeks of age. They will get human interaction and conditioning daily until they go to their new homes.

See Pricing page for more details
Started Puppy | 10-12 Weeks of Age
This is for a "full registration" AKC labrador from proven "shed hunting" lines. These puppies will be started on a training program and be conditioned to know a basic command to "find an antler" and start to search for it. The puppy will also be introduced to "fetch".

See Pricing page for more details
Intermediate Puppy | 12 weeks to 18 weeks
This is for a "full registration" AKC labrador from proven "shed hunting" lines. These puppies will be started on a training program and be conditioned to know a command to "find an antler", as well as some basic obedience. The puppy will also be conditioned to "fetch" and bring an antler back to you when it is found.

These pups are by no means a "Fully Finished Dog". They will need time in the woods to become a "Fully Finished Dog". -The dog will be ready to finish and fine tune his/her hunting skills under your direction.

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Finished Dog | When the Dog is Ready
These dogs are ready to go "shed hunting". They will know the the following obedience commands: "sit", "stay", and "kennel". The dog will also know the command to "find an antler" and bring an antler back to you when it is found.----

See Pricing page for more details
We currently have one yellow female in training to be sold as a finished dog. Her training is expected to be complete around the end of February 2015. She is from a Gunner/Gypse breeding. She has shown point on upland birds as well. She is an awesome dog and you will not be dissapointed. High drive, determined and loves to work.

Quality Standards:



The #1 thing needed in an antler dog.



This makes your dog easier to train.



Our dogs are all tested for health clearances.

All of our pups/dogs come with a 26 month health guarantee

Pups bred and whelped at Antler Labrdors carry a guarantee against problems with hips, eyes, elbows, CNM (centronuclear myopathy) for up to 26 months. This covers any genetic problem which prevents the animal from being certified by the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA), or the Canine Eye Registration Foundation, Inc. (CERF).


1- The “Desire” Drive: Basically this is how long the dog will look for an antler without giving up or being distracted. This is shown relatively early in pups (as early as 6 weeks), but the attention span of a puppy will be much less than an adult dog.
2- The “Chase” Drive: This drive is all about how the dog chases or finds an antler. Although a shed antler will not “get up and run away” the dog must have this drive in order to keep its “Desire Drive” at its peak. Dogs are pack animals, and before they were domesticated they were used to having to chase down their prey in order to survive. If they pursue what they are chasing and succeed they get great satisfaction in that and will continue to have that drive at a peak level.
3- The “Play” Drive: The best dogs to have for finding antlers are the ones that can outlast you in any play or training session. You always want the dog to think of training or hunting as “fun”. If you can keep this time as “fun” for the dog they will always want to hunt or train.
4- The “Retrieve” Drive: This is drive is exactly as it name states. Will the dog continue to retrieve or bring back the anlter directly to you. You want the dog to always be excited to play “fetch” no matter how long you have thrown the object.
5- The “Pack” Drive: This area is one that seems to be more about personal preference than what you should look for. Dogs are pack animals, depending on their status in the pack they will act a certain way.

There are 3 types of personalities in a dogs social pack system.

* ALPHA - (high man on the totem pole) If you choose a dog that has an “alpha”) personality it will most likely have a higher energy level and drive to pursue. Although this seems like it is exactly what you would desire there are also drawbacks. Generally, but not always, the rule is that “alpha” dogs also tend to give more problems when it comes to obedience. These dogs are very self confident, which can lead to great hunting dogs if their “drives” are all kept within certain aspects.
* BETA – (middle man on the totem pole) If you choose a dog that has a “beta” personality it can be the best or worst decision depending on how consistent you are with training. If you are very strict in your training the dog will understand the pack order of you as the “apha” and try to please his master. If you are relaxed the dog may try to challenge your authority, which could lead to numerous “desire to please” problems and obedience issues.
* OMEGA - (low man on the totem pole) If you choose an “omega” personality dog it will generally be more laid back and not posses as much “desire”, “chase” and “play” drive it will generally be easier to train. This type of dog generally just lacks self confidence, but with work this confidence can be built and the dog can be a great shed hunter.
Although any of the social orders within the pack can make an excellent hunting dog, I have found thru experience that dogs with the Alpha or Beta personality tend to be more suitable for hunting antlers , while dogs with the Omega personality tend to make better family pets. This is not always true, and like I said before this area really comes down to personal preference.